About SPI

Angel H. Bermudez, principal and founder of Strategic Philanthropic Innovations, is an independent consultant who has worked in the field of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector across the United States over the past 20 years. He uses his industry experience to partner with various funds and foundations, primarily focusing on the field of workforce development. The economic climate of the past few years has made workforce development a key area requiring attention in order to create lasting jobs for individuals and revitalize communities.
Angel Bermudez

Angel previously worked for the Boston Foundation for nearly 15 years, undertaking several major initiatives for the organization. While there, he spearheaded the development of SkillWorks, an innovative initiative to address the needs of workers and employers through a collaborative workforce partnership model. SkillWorks brings together philanthropy, government, community organizations and employers to address the twin goals of helping low-income individuals attain family-supporting jobs and businesses find skilled workers they need in order to be successful. This model went on to be replicated nationwide.

Angel also founded and chaired the Civic Engagement Initiative, a nonpartisan voter registration and mobilization initiative. CEI gives community nonprofit organizations in Greater Boston the tools to engage their constituents as voters and leaders. In addition to providing the organizations with new resources, Angel was one of the founding visionaries behind MassVOTE. MassVOTE works to register, educate and mobilize voters in Massachusetts, with a focus on groups that have been left out in the past, especially people of color, low-income people, and youth. The results of these initiatives serve as further proof that it is necessary to implement models based on collaboration and use of existing resources.

Areas of Expertise:
• Project Management
• Program Planning and Development
• Organizational Assessment
• Public Policy Advocacy
• Capacity Building
• Donor cultivation
• Program Evaluation
• Research and Statistical Analysis

Other Noteworthy Accomplishments:
• Work with the National Fund for Workforce Solutions to establish regional workforce collaboratives across the United States to prepare and train workers with the necessary skills for new careers
• Assisted the Boston Foundation with grantmaking and initiative-based work in the areas of social justice and workforce development
• Reviewed over 1,000 funding requests, resulting in more than $32 million in grant approvals
• Raised over $20 million during 5 years from local and national sources to support the Foundation’s discretionary grantmaking
• Led SkillWorks initiative, attracting more than $15 million from 14 local and national foundations and exceeding original fundraising goal by $800,000
• Played a leadership role in the national Hispanics in Philanthropy, leveraging nearly $1.5 million for organizational capacity building support to ten Latino non-profit organizations in Boston
• Led development of the Civic Engagement Initiative, which was responsible for registering over 15,000 new voters of color and for motivating many inactive registered voters to become engaged in the electoral process in Boston and Chelsea, MA